Vegan Couponing 101

Vegan Couponing 101
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Vegan couponing is the same as regular couponing, but sometimes it’s more difficult to find coupons in the Sunday paper for items you’ll be buying. The good news is, you can use all of your couponing knowledge to save money on your vegan grocery bill. Some people seem to think that going vegan is expensive, but really it doesn’t have to be! Buying fresh produce from a farmer’s market (or even from Wal-Mart) is going to be cheaper than buying meat, anyway.

Vegan Couponing

Obviously the bulk of our food is fresh fruits and veggies, but I’m not a plant-based whole foods vegan… I’m a damn that tastes good vegan, and that means I’m going to eat some meat substitutes! I’m going to eat vegan cheese! I’m going to eat convenience foods because that is just what I feel like doing right now. 😉

With that being said, the best way to save money on produce is to buy your fruits and vegetables when they’re in season. I can get a pound of asparagus for under a buck in-season, but out of season it’s going to be $3.99 a pound. That’s a HUGE difference. For that reason, I wait til asparagus season to buy it.

Vegan Couponing 101

Sign up for store cards.

Chances are, your local store will have some type of rewards program or coupons on a regular basis. Sprouts has lots of awesome sales, while Target has a RedCard (debit card) that gives you 5% off, plus you can get extra deals with the CartWheel app. Fry’s offers fuel points, so I got $.50 off per gallon of gas the other day!

If you shop at Whole Foods, make sure you grab these coupons.

Request Coupons

back to nature coupons

Back to Nature

Back to Nature creates delicious crackers, cookies, and cereals – some of which are vegan (like their peanut butter granola clusters) Use the contact form to request Back to Nature coupons or samples. See their products here.

beanitos coupons


For a healthier chip choice, try Beanitos! Use the contact form to request Beanitos coupons or samples. You can also use it to request that your local store carry their products! If your local store doesn’t carry them, you can get them here.

vegan couponing


GoVeggie cheese alternatives are damn good. They’ve got vegan cream cheese, cheese slices, cheese shreds, cheese blocks, and even parmesan cheese! Click here to print the latest Go Veggie coupons.

gardein coupons


One of my favorite brands for meat alternatives, request Gardein coupons via their contact form. I have never received Gardein coupons this way but it’s worth a try. I have so many Gardein products I love, but my favorites would have to be the beefless crumbles, and the crabless cakes!

P.S. They also have coupons on their Facebook page from time to time.

fieldroast coupons


I’m definitely going to ask for some FieldRoast coupons! They will save me a fortune because I buy their products every week! FieldRoast is one of my favorite brands, and their cheese is so much better than the other vegan options I’ve tried. Their meat alternatives are spot on, too. I use the sausage in my vegan biscuits and gravy.

vegan coupon tips

Follow Your Heart

Follow Your Heart’s ranch dressing is amazing. If I’m being 100% honest, I don’t prefer their mayo or eggs, but their cheese is good, and they have parmesan! Request your Follow Your Heart coupons.

earth balance coupons

Earth Balance

Most well-known for their vegan butter, Earth Balance has many products available. From vegan mac and cheese to crackers and dressings, they’ve got ya covered. You can request Earth Balance coupons on their website. Check out their popcorn, crackers, and more right here.

printable vegan coupons

Dr. Praeger’s

Have you tried Dr. Praeger’s burgers yet? They’re so tasty! The mushroom risotto burger is my fav. Use the contact form to request Dr. Praeger’s coupons or samples.

daiya coupons


Daiya cheese is one of the first vegan products I tried. They also have pizza, which I was fairly impressed with but not in love with. Request Daiya coupons. You can also find Daiya products online.

beyond meat coupons

Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat has a burger that even meat eaters will be confused about! It tastes like a real beef burger – without the cruelty. 🙂 Grab a Beyond Meat coupon from their website.

so delicious coupons

So Delicious

Saving the best for last (omg their ice cream!!), get So Delicious coupons from their website!


Is is worth it to coupon for vegan foods? Absolutely! I would recommend contacting all of the companies listed (and any others you know of), and asking your non-vegan friends to save any coupons for vegan products they might come across in the Sunday paper!

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