15 Gifts for Vegans

vegan for the earth bracelet
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Thinking about gift for vegans, many folks get stumped. Some don’t realize that vegan is more than a diet – it’s a lifestyle. We don’t use any products that use animal products or byproducts, including but not limited to body care (deodorant, shampoo, makeup) and other items such as journals and jewelry. Gifting for vegans is simple with Etsy!

best gifts for vegans

15 Gifts for Vegans

vegan gift

1. Vegan AF wish bracelet

I heart wish bracelets! Who wouldn’t love this Vegan AF wish bracelet from Elizasflowers? There are tons of other jewelry options in her shop, too.

vegan gifts

2. Tofu Pets!

A firm little block of Tofu! Happy to sit on the dashboard of your car, on the office desk or on your kitchen shelf watching you prepare a Miso soup! You can get a Tofu pet or even an avocado pet from tinofbeans.

vegan gift baskets

3. Vegan Gift Baskets

Tell your dirty hippie vegan friend to wash themselves. Subtly, of course, by gifting them a vegan gift basket from TheDirtyVegans (best shop name evarrr).

friends not food

4. Friends, not food.

I am loving this cute little sticker. It’s every vegan’s motto: friends, not food, from jmsillustrations.

vegan makeup gifts

5. Vegan makeup.

Vegan makeup is something I’m really getting into lately. There’s something amazing about people caring enough to make makeup vegan. I don’t know, maybe I’m just being sappy, but I’m just in love with all things CleanFacedCosmetics.

My top picks:

zero-waste mascara
vegan copper bronzer
rainbow lip balm

vegan body butter

6. Vegan Whipped Soaps

Even if you aren’t vegan, you must try these vegan whipped soaps from AtlantaBodyCulinary!

vegan candles

7. Vegan Candles

It’s crazy to me that all candles aren’t vegan (it’d be so easy to do!), but I rest my case with these delicious smelling vegan candles from OldSoulArtisan. They offer free shipping for orders $50+.

vegan dry shampoo

8. Vegan Hair Care

I haven’t tried it yet but I just added this one to my wish list: vegan dry shampoo from WholeLoveOrganics. I was shocked to find out my shampoos aren’t vegan! I had to find an alternative, fast.

vegan bracelet

9. Vegan bracelet.

I always find it so crazy that we are the oddballs, not killing animals. This vegan definition bracelet from KorenaLoves makes my heart happy.

vegan paint brushes

10. Vegan Paint Brush Set

If you have a vegan artist in your life, I’ve found the perrrrfect gift: vegan paint brushes from MothAndMoonArtSupply.

vegan pins

11. Vegan pins.

My teenager is obsessed with pins like this. Finding 10 for $8 is a STEAL! Grab vegan pins from expresspins. You could easily divide them up so 5 friends get 2 pins each! I won’t tell.

vegan makeup bag


Totes to die for (without any animals harmed!), this vegan makeup bag from Melifluo is stunning.

vegan journal

13. Vegan journal.

I was searching for a journal (or even a journal cover) that looked kind of like leather, but was vegan. When I found this beautiful vegan journal from CadenetaNotebooks, I knew it was the one.

vegan for the earth bracelet

14. “Vegan for the earth” bracelet

A lot of times, we see “vegan for the animals”, but many of us realize that there’s so much more to it than that. Check out this “vegan for the earth” bracelet from RedPandasCloset.

vegan lush bath bombs

15. A dozen bath bombs

You can get a dozen vegan bath bombs from LifeAround2Angels for around $20! Use them to put your own little gift baskets together, or give 6 to 2 friends. Chances are, you’ll want to keep a few, too!

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