Best Ways to Use Cannabis (Without Smoking a Joint)

ways to use cannabis
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If you’re looking for the best ways to use cannabis (without smoking a joint), you’ve come to the right place. So many people think cannabis use is just a bunch of pot heads getting high but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Ways to Use Cannabis without smoking

Best Ways to Use Cannabis (Without Smoking a Joint)

They say history repeats itself, and if you still aren’t convinced that cliche is true, here we are again, hyping like hippies about marijuana. The only difference is that nowadays, we are much more knowledgeable about the plant and have come up with so many resourceful and lung-saving ways to acquire the benefits. Consider this your crash course in how to consume cannabis without ruining your precious smile or roasting your lungs. Whether you are looking for medicinal benefits or just to enjoy the high that come with the right dose, cannabis has you covered!

Remember: I’m NOT an expert and everyone does things their own way. These are my opinions and thoughts based on research and personal experience only. They’re not intended to be medical advice or anything of the sort.


Vaping is my preferred method of consumption for quick anxiety relief (stick with indica or hybrids, as sativas can make you more anxious).

Vape pens are all the rage right now for nicotine and cannabis users alike. Vape pens and vaporizers tend to be less aggressive than hitting a joint, and much more flavorful. Due to the fact that vape pens don’t heat up to the same temperature that a flaming joint does, they produce 95% less smoke. This means happy, healthy lungs and all the benefits you long for when it comes to wanting to use cannabis to treat whatever ails you.

Another bonus is that, unlike a joint, resin build up is slim to none when it comes to a vaporizer or vape pen, so say goodbye to worrying about yellowing teeth. Your pearly white smile can only get whiter and brighter.

Using an inhaler is one more way to feel the benefits of cannabis. The difference is that an inhaler sends a small blast of medical marijuana straight into your lungs rather than heating it up like a vaporizer. It’s the most discreet and efficient way to consume cannabis, but the option is only available in dispensaries in a few states. Our personal experience with inhalers is limited, but I did buy one for my daughter when we first got her mmj card. She said it “tasted terrible” and refused to ever use it again lol but it was effective. For an adult, I think it’s a great option, though they are expensive. Our inhaler was $80 on sale, originally $140.


For those of you who love to eat (who doesn’t?!), the options for cannabis consumption are nearly endless. You wouldn’t think food could get much better, but it’s so easy to administer cannabis into food – and even drinks! The most common form of edibles are brownies. I mean, how many whacky stories have you heard (or told) about pot brownies? Mixes are not yet FDA approved, but they come friendlier and safer than what you might get from your neighborhood hippie. Or, you can make your own using my cannabutter recipe.

Candy bars are a yummy way to consume cannabis, but be sure to check packaging carefully! One bar can contain as much THC as 30 joints. Whoa. Normally they look and taste much like the average Hershey’s chocolate bar, but bring along the psychedelic effects of marijuana in small, but powerful, doses. When Rachel and I visited Colorado, she went to a dispensary (I refused to go in – that’s how anti-cannabis I was just a few years ago!) and bought a candybar. She ate ONE piece of it and was baked out of her mind. You’ve gotta check the dosing on ALL edibles, and if you’re making your own, use this THC calculator to make sure you’re consuming the right amount of THC.

If you’re not one for sweets, there are so many recipes available for cannabis in meals. Pastas, casseroles, and pretty much anything you cook using butter and oil thanks to cannabutter and canna-oil.

As for refreshments with marijuana, the list includes smoothies and sodas to coffees and teas and pretty much every other drink in between. Some people will eat raw cannabis, but an alternative to block the bitter taste is a smoothie. You can use raw cannabis in your smoothies to reap the health benefits without getting high (the THC is psychoactive when heated). There are many diverse recipes available online, and we are working to add more to our blog every day.

You can brew the plant into your coffee or tea yourself, or even hit your local dispensary for some infused sodas or brews. Although consuming weed through the digestive system takes longer to hit the brain (versus the almost immediate effect it takes when inhaling) you get the benefit of a longer lasting high when consumed in edible (or drinkable) form.


Some cannabis products are made to be put on the skin and enter the bloodstream that way. These types are typically used to relieve pain or reduce inflammation. Cannabis is also known for being antibacterial which can do a great deal in speeding up the healing process of small wounds. Topicals include balms, lotions, patches, shampoos and conditioners, and pretty much any other skin care product you can think of. Your local dispensary will also have CBD topicals, which don’t have THC but still have many benefits.


Another fairly common way of reaping the benefits of marijuana is through a tincture. A tincture is marijuana concentrated by alcohol to make a liquified form. Some use drops under tongue like a medicine, and others like to add the drops to their morning cup of joe or their tea time drink. Cannabis tonics are similar. A common form of consumption of a tonic is mixed into a fruity drink of some sort.

Cannabis pills and sprays are also gaining popularity. Encapsulated cannabis is often used as pain reliever. It can be mixed in with food or swallowed like a normal pill. However, this should be done with care and in small doses. Sprays are also often used as a pain reliever, and have less side effects. However there isn’t a very noticeable high when sprays are used.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to use cannabis without smoking.My preferred method of consumption is different depending on what the ailment is. For example, my Mom is a medical marijuana patient. If her back is hurting, she will hit the vape pen a few times and will fall right to sleep. But if she has to get up and be productive, she may opt for a topical instead. I tried a patch from the dispensary once and I don’t think I’ll ever do that again LOL. It’s all trial and error, so just like with edibles it’s best to start low and slow. If you’ve never used a vape pen before, try one or two short puffs rather than a long 10 second drag. Wait about 15 minutes and take another puff if you need to. It’s all personal preference on how you want to feel.

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